5 Steps To A Body Positive Image

Psssst! Hey sis, have you ever caught yourself trying to hide some parts of your body because you do not like how they look? Maybe it doesn’t look like what you see on TV? Or perhaps someone has told you it doesn’t look attractive and is better off covered up? Your toes? Your nappy hair? Belly? Your legs? Oh? Your shoulders maybe, your jaw, anything at all.

A study has shown that about 91% of women and about 20-40% of men feel insecure about at least one body part. So you would agree with me when I say that one of the biggest struggles people, especially women, battle with in today’s world is loving and feeling confident in their bodies.

With society’s constant criticisms of our appearance, it gets increasingly difficult to continue to appreciate yourself if your body doesn’t meet any of these unrealistic standards, and that’s not a good place to be.

Where does it start?

Sadly, this journey to resenting our bodies often begins at home. Mocking comments about your body from loved ones shatters your confidence quicker than you may imagine, leaving you feeling undesirable and insufficient. After family and friends have sowed this seed of imperfection, trust the media is there to water this seed until it grows and occupies your mind.

Well, coming throughhh… this bulldozer of an article is here to uproot them; Even climate change approves.

Every nook and cranny of social media is soiled with unrealistic standards and expectations of what a woman’s body should look like, so we put ourselves under unnecessary pressure to meet up to these set standards compulsively. But hear me out, hear me out, Doye beauties, we are not going to let that happen, and so in this article, you will learn five helpful steps towards exuding a body positive image.

How you see yourself plays a significant role in your day-to-day interactions: how you relate with people, how you communicate, how you walk, how you talk. And this greatly impacts your self-esteem in general. If you feel good about yourself, you’re most likely to be free-spirited, jovial, playful, maintain eye contact, walk with your head high and speak confidently, whereas if you do not feel good about or love your body, you would most likely be the opposite.

So here are 5 steps to a body positive image:

  1. It begins with self-affirmation. The things we hear often have a way of sitting in our subconscious. So how about we use this to our advantage and read aloud or say some positive affirmations to ourselves daily. Here’s an easy trick: start with the first letter of the alphabet, find positive words that begin with that letter, and affirm it to yourself before you go about your day. Then, pick one letter each day and do this repeatedly, and when you have gone all the way to the letter Z, start all over again, there are so many beautiful words in the dictionary you would not run out. Soon you would overpower those negative thoughts with positive ones, and, in no time, you’d have a well of beautiful affirmations in your heart and believe them too. You’ve got this sis.
  1. Surround yourself with positive people. Be it a friend, family, or stranger, do not let into your space anyone who would rather be negative; protect your space and have a solid support system. Remember step one? How the things we hear can cloud our minds. Surrounding yourself with the right people would greatly influence how you see yourself. The less rude comments you hear, the easier it will be to build your self-confidence.
  1. Be kind to yourself. Eat healthy, exercise, and create time to get some pampering. People who do not love their bodies are likely to develop eating disorders or even abandon themselves and lead unhealthy lifestyles. But a significant step to overcoming this is to remember that beauty goes beyond the surface, you’re a good person with a beautiful soul, and the world needs even more people like you. So be kind to the body you live in, exercise, follow a healthy diet, and schedule some pamper time. Get a pedicure, a hot tub, a massage, anything. You can never go wrong with spoiling yourself; it is therapy for your mind and food for your soul. Get it!
  1. Wear what you feel comfortable in. There’s no rush; there’s no pressure to get over that insecurity you’re currently battling. Wear what makes you comfortable, not because others say that is what you should be wearing but because you are comfortable in them. The more comfortable you are, the bigger your confidence.
  1. Be friends with the mirror. As with every relationship, the more time you spend together, the fonder you become. When we feel insecure about our bodies, we try to dodge our reflection, but neglect is not the way. Instead, you need to build a solid relationship with that body, become friends with it, communicate with it, own it, pamper it, and soon you’ll come to cherish it.

Likeeee! Have you looked in the mirror today? Look at that hair, look at that face, look at that body in its glory. It is yours, and you carry it beautifully.

You probably already know by now that the Doye Swimwear Brand is on a mission to help you appreciate that body in which your beautiful soul has been designed to do life. And if you didn’t, well, news flash beyond selling swimwear, we have taken it upon ourselves to propagate the gospel of self-love to every woman or man that might be struggling with this.

If you found this piece helpful, share it with your friends to pump them up and show that you love them and they should love themselves too. They would be glad you did.

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Be Your Desire!

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5 Steps To A Body Positive Image

Psssst! Hey sis, have you ever caught yourself trying to hide some parts of your body because you do not like how they look? Maybe